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The Sunday Times – Children’s Book of the Week
“This is a creepy and evocative fantasy likely to make readers wary of shadows in the corner of an eye, and a love story, with unconventional characters and an unusual sense of place.”

The Daily Express
“Cleverly weaves Norse mythology into a modern suspense tale, all impressively written with fine economy of time, place and action – the latter of which rattles along with proper page-turning pace.’

“Need a gripping read that will keep you awake at night? If you have a thing for Norse mythology, ghost stories set in the snow, and like your fairy tales extra dark and twisty, The Twisted Tree is the book for you.”

The Irish Examiner (printed 18th January)
“A mixture of Norse mythology and horror creates an atmosphere of  Stephen King intensity, while at the same time we witness a  slowburning  and credible relationship between two very damaged  but likeable protagonists.”

Starburst Magazine
“The Twisted Tree is billed as a YA novel, but don’t let that fool you – this is a ghost story that will get under the skin of the most hardened reader. It’s a slow burner that makes fantastically creepy use of its isolated Norwegian setting, and expertly combines Nordic mythology with the supernatural. In many ways, it feels a bit like Neil Gaiman’s Coraline collided with Catherine Storr’s Marianne Dreams, with a smidgen of Beowulf thrown in for good measure.”

The Book Bag
“The claustrophobic woods add to the feeling of dread that builds oh so slowly, to an outcome that is never guaranteed to be a happy ending. The characters – complex and fully rounded – draw you into their fear but also their hope. The more you learn about them, the more difficult it becomes to predict what their actions will be.”

“Dark, eerie and wonderfully creepy, The Twisted Tree has everything a Nordic horror story should have: a bitterly cold and unforgiving setting, ghostly undercurrents, monstrous creatures and characters struggling with very human demons. The titular twisted tree is its own character – living, breathing and waiting for Martha to figure out how she fits into the story before it’s too late.”

Waterstones Bookseller (Exeter Roman Gate)
The Twisted Tree is a terrific read – twisty and scary, but full of lovely writing and language. It stands out in its originality and is instantly gripping. With so many elements weaved into its story, The Twisted Tree is a wonderful blend of ghost story, Scandinavian thriller and Norse myth. All these elements combine together to create an enthralling read and a stand-out book perfect for teen and adult readers.”